Brain in Mind

A transformational 12-week course that makes cutting-edge brain science accessible, applicable, and inspiring.


superpowers you'll gain

...and wonder how you ever lived without

  • Getting more done by working less
  • Overcoming distraction and achieving focus
  • Harnessing and boosting your willpower
  • Motivating yourself to do hard things
  • Forming positive habits and breaking negative habits 
  • Unlocking the power of positive emotions
  • Reducing your stress by practicing mindfulness
  • Boosting your creativity by entering a state of "flow"
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course format

  • Twelve 75-minute live webinars accessible on any device
  • Interactive discussion interface with live Q&A
  • Free Video recordings of the webinars so you can review or take things at your own pace
  • Free Audio recordings of the webinars so you can listen on the go

couse structure

  • Three 4-week modules on the topics of Happiness, Productivity, & Habits
  • Clear, concise explanations of cutting-edge scientific research
  • Practical, fool-proof strategies for application in your daily life
  • Weekly exercises to help you practice and master what you're learning
  • Curated readings taken from the best, most accessible books in the field of brain science
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the science

Our content is drawn from the absolute latest science coming from top researchers and authors including:

  • Sonja Lyubomirsky: The How of Happiness
  • Barbara Fredrickson: Positivity
  • Shawn Achor: The Happiness Advantage
  • Charles Duhigg: The Power of Habit and Smarter, Faster, Better
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow
  • Roy Baumeister: Willpower
  • Kelly McGonigal: The Willpower Instinct
  • Daniel Pink: Drive
  • Gretchen Rubin: The Happiness Project and Better Than Before
  • Dan & Chip Heath: Switch
  • Daniel Levitin: The Organized Mind
  • Scott Barry Kaufman: Wired to Create
  • Daniel Siegel: Mindsight
  • Gabrielle Oettingen: Rethinking Positive Thinking
  • ...and many, many more!


  • Membership in a private Facebook group to discuss what you're learning and ask questions
  • Links to additional articles, videos, and cool online content to augment your learning
  • Certificate of completion for professional development purposes
  • Tips on the best products, apps, programs, and services to support you in your goals
  • Special offers and ongoing engagement as you become part of the Brain by Design tribe
  • The chance to get to know the very best version of yourself
  • Friends and family wondering how you became so productive, creative & joyful in just 12 weeks!
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May 29, 2018


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