Ready to rewire your life?

The "Brain in Mind" course is a game-changer

Brain in Mind will teach you evidence-based tools to dramatically reduce your stress, streamline your productivity, and ignite your creativity. 

        You will learn how to:

• Master your Willpower
• Make Positive Habits and Break Negative Habits
• Automate your Life to Overcome Decision Fatigue
• Motivate Yourself to Do Anything—no really, ANYTHING
• Fuel Your Productivity with Positive Emotions and Bio Feedback
• Stop Multitasking and start Monotasking
• Overcome Distraction and Master your Wandering Mind
• Unlock Achievement by Adopting a Growth Mindset
• Reduce Your Stress by Practicing the Skill of Mindfulness
• Boost Your Ability to Unlock Your Creative Mind

Make your brain your ally instead of your enemy by learning how cognitive neuroscience can work for you.

This is an affordable way to receive top-notch cognitive coaching in a group setting, and is a live, interactive, 12-week boot camp in designing your life with your brain in mind. 


Only $497!


In addition to a weekly one-hour webinar with James, you will receive:

• Workshop assignments to help you apply principles to your daily life
• Short, accessible, and science-based reading assignments taken from bestselling books on neuroscience and psychology, which foster deeper understanding and teach you the “why” of what you’re learning
• Access to a private Facebook group for participants where you can discuss what you’re learning, ask questions, and connect with the Brain by Design community
• Curated resource lists including tips on the best apps, books, and tools to help you amp up your brain power
• The course will happen every Tuesday, live from 12:00PM - 1:15PM MST / 2:00PM - 3:15PM EST, but if you can't make it -- no problem.  You'll have access to recorded versions of each webinar, allowing you to catch up, review, or take the course at your own pace. 


October 3, 2017


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