Episode 4: Breathing is A Superpower - Jonathan Palley, Spire Health

In this episode of the Deep Change Podcast with Spire Health CEO Jonathan Palley, we explore the power of your breath, why tracking it matters, and how to harness it to improve your health. Spire Health has created the leading breath tracker on the market -- we discuss where their tech is going, the future of wearables, why the "Wellness Economy" is the answer to the "Dopamine Economy," and why it matters for you.


Check out their impressive tech here:


Jonathan Palley is the co-founder, co-inventor, and CEO of Spire Health, the first wearable for regulating stress, breath, and mental well-being. A technologist and repeat entrepreneur, Jonathan studied physics and theatre at Stanford University. Previously, Jonathan co-founded Idapted, the largest one-on-one provider of online English classes in China, BrainPage, a big-data development and service company, and Beijing Improv, China’s largest Improvised Theater organization.

Jonathan’s technology with Spire has the power to reconnect us back to our breath – which is one of the deepest sources of our well-being.  He’s a smart, visionary, and passionate about the power of tech to make us all a little happier.

James Garrett