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Brain by Design brings inspiring, engaging, and 100% evidence-based content to audiences of any size or demographic. James Garrett is a world-class public speaker & trainer offering:

  • Keynote Addresses

  • Executive Retreats

  • Staff Development

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"James is an absolute must-have-speaker!  If you're looking for content or panelists, this is your guy!" -Andrew Webb, Founder, Inspired Learning Group

"James has trained our company multiple times and the effects of his teachings are felt every single day in our productivity and happiness around the office. James's presentations never disappoint. He has a knack for weaving data-driven insights into a powerful narrative with just the right amount of comic timing to keep folks engaged, entertained, and educated." -Josh Aikens, Chief of Staff, Zonos


"James is not only smart and interesting, but he captivates the audience -- his trainings are second to none.  If you want to learn how your life works based on science, there is no one better than James.  Simply amazing!" -Matt Heaton, Founder, Black Sheep

"James brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, synthesizing the latest research into actionable advice." -Chris Brown, PhD, Founder, Elevate Practices

"James's ability to break down the brain into concrete concepts anyone can digest is nothing short of a gift. Using humor, storytelling, and approachable data, James will dazzle any audience!  I wholeheartedly recommend him!" -Dr. Heather Denniston, Founder, Well Fit & Fed